Courtney Cummz and Ralph Long

Written on September 16, 2011 at 4:37 pm, by Admin

Courtney Cummz has a glory hole locator thing about gloryholes – she wants to suck every weiner that comes through them and won’t stop until she has ejaculate all over her body. She’s peeking through this one when Ralph Long’s tool comes right out. Judging by the expression on her face she is rather happy about the quality of stranger dong at this gloryhole and gets down on her knees to properly service it. Her mouth wraps around that weiner and she starts working her tongue along his manhood. She’s getting more and more worked up as she goes before finally she coaxes him to explode all over her in a shower of cum.

Hayden Night and Joe Blow

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Hayden Night does not look like the type of model glory hole sex that sex porn is lusting after gloryhole weiner. She’s got that perfect model next door look that completely hides her girl nature. It’s a fun and frisky kind of attitude that she has and it never gets old. She approaches the gloryhole with plenty of excitement and you can see that she’s opening her mouth wide to take that weiner down. She wants it hard and fast, in the mood to get so worked up and face fucked that she almost tries to go through the gloryhole to get more of Joe Blow’s penis.

Penelope Piper and Sledge Hammer

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Penelope Piper is a busty, gorgeous woman with a glory hole movies playful young face but sucks just as good as any centerfold. She’s really excited about the thought of mouthing a stranger’s shlong through a gloryhole, but I don’t think she was expecting it to be Sledge Hammer’s. This enormous dick comes on through the gloryhole and Penelope is on it right away, stretching her mouth open wide and loving every last second of manhood blowing action. Her boobs are jiggling all over the place as she slides her mouth all the way down.

Briella Bounce and Sledge Hammer

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Briella Bounce has just committed one of the baddest sins of them all – getting banged in an all-out orgy! For this particularly naughty deed, Father Sledge Hammer orders her to suck his dickhead until all the demons are out. Briella works that saintly shaft with her nano hands, twisting and twirling. Her clothes come off. glory hole pictures Her tasty mini boobs and nice massive ass fill up the booth with raw filme porno sexual energy. Then, almost unexpectedly, while she’s slobbing on Sledge’s rod, it explodes in her face! Amen!

Katie St. Ives and Lee Stone

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There are some women who are just total whores and Katie St. Ives is one of them. She might seem all nice and sweet, but take her to a gloryhole and you’ll see the hard core and wild glory hole locations sex goddess come right out. She’s going after this penis with a vengeance and Lee Stone is loving being on the receiving end of this cock mouthing assault. Katie pushes her hair out of her face and starts taking every last inch of that cock down her throat. She doesn’t choke on it one bit but just keeps going until she is fully satisfied and full of cum.

Tweety Valentine and Sledge Hammer

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Wow, hot sluts like Tweety will do any goddamn thing to absolve their sins. Being that she’s compulsive thief, Father Sledge demands that glory hole video she remove her ill-begotten clothes and panties to truly show that she’s sorry. She undresses in seconds, showcasing a thin, all-natural body that’s just waiting to get rocked. Tweety does as she’s told and closes her eyes, as a hefty-sized prick pokes out of the hole and right into her innocent little mouth. Tweety uses her tongue ring to full effect, pushing her head forward to get as much weiner thunder as possible. See? Salvation isn’t so hard!

Nikki Delano

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Nikki Delano comes in the booth juicy and oozing with carnal lust and desire. She’s an unrepentant chick who loves fucking her college students despite the fact that she’s married. Today, she’s got an eye on seducing her priest! Father has about a snowball’s chance in hell of getting out of this one. Nikki Delano purrs out her misdeeds while playing with her giant pierced breasts. In an instant, she’s making him blaspheme by way of adult glory hole her expert dick-sucking skills. See this sexy she-devil jerk her way to milky salvation!

Kimmy Olsen

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Sneaky Father Lee Stone loves hearing sinful stories especially when cutie Kimmy Olsen is confessing them! He makes her describe the kinky pleasures that are pretty much unknown to a man of the cloth. Kimmy hears him jacking off behind the wall and removes the confessional cover. Lee thrusts his long dickhead through and Kimmy engulfs his penis in her mouth! She strokes it while touching herself. Kimmy didn’t even have any lingerie on! See this cute glory hole sucking blond darling suck and swallow and whip out all that cream on her face!

Sophia Sutra

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Wouldn’t you love to pay a visit to this erotic gloryhole? Unlike your usual degenerate public toilet scene, this one is luxuriously laid out in almost a temple fashion. Delicious young blond Sophia Sutra prays at the mystic gloryhole by candlelight, showing off her hot little body to the camera. She’s got great, perky little tits as well as a truly gorgeous face – she’s a real pecker stiffener! As she prays, more and more of her clothes come off until she is kneeling open mouthed and stark naked in front of the hole. On cue, a oversize and erect penis comes poking through, and Sophia delightedly takes it into her juicy amateur glory hole and hungry mouth.

Kristina Rose

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In this kinky confessional booth, guilty-ridden Kristina Rose admits to her laundry list of sexual misdeeds, like getting caught up in orgies and sucking random tools. Telling by his heavy breathing, the priest suggests she light a candle and start praying. Suddenly, a thick manhood pokes its bulgy head through the peephole, and Kristina eye’s widen in happy surprise. Watch this schoolyard diva polish, glory hole stories blow, suckle on his massive weiner while rubbing her nano cooter!